Moving In

Moved In

I moved into the barn yesterday, despite nighttime temperatures that are still dipping into the mid thirties. I couldn’t resist the draw of having my own space, and of not sleeping on the living room couch with the family hound dog every night. It is currently forty degrees out though, and I’m huddled up in my tent writing this. The tent smells like camping should smell, and for now it’s a pretty novel experience and fun to sleep in. I’m sure that will wear off. I was plenty warm last night though, and the animals in the barn quiet down at night, although right now they’re making quite the racket. I’m so tired once it gets dark that I don’t think I’d notice either way. It’s amazing how natural it is to sync up with the daylight hours when you remove most of the artificial lighting and electronic stimulants in your life.

The past week has seen a variety of activities. A lot more planting in the greenhouse. All the beds up both sides are planted with spinach and salad mixes. The center is now packed with tables full of seedlings, with more on the way as soon as we scrounge up more table space (read: doors on sawhorses). Apparently we’ll be doing weekly-or-so succession plantings of greens and such, so I’m really interested in seeing how that is planned out and planted in order to keep our CSA members’ bags full every week. The garden at home has lacked such a plan in the past, unfortunately.

Loft View

We also cut down some dead ash trees for greenhouse fuel. We go through quite a bit of wood at night, especially since the greenhouse doesn’t have its second insulating plastic layer installed. I ran a chainsaw for the first time, not cutting down the trees but chopping the eight foot sections down into stove-sized pieces. And then it was chopping time of course. It had been a while, but the ash split really easily and we quickly had enough chopped to last us a few days.

Last weekend I didn’t know what to do with the slow days, so I ended up puttering in the greenhouse. I’m glad I did, because I got the beds fluffed up and dried out so we could plant earlier… but this weekend I’m definitely more comfortable with just taking a break. I’m looking forward to warm days off when I can go explore the area on my bike. I hear there are waterfalls and wading pools nearby!